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What is Friends of CATIE

The Tropics Foundation and the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) have collaboratively designed Friends of CATIE, an engagement and fundraising platform that supports CATIE’s strategic plan and is dedicated to meeting the complex social and environmental challenges in the Latin American region today. The platform has three goals: building community and engagement, seeking critical philanthropic support for the Center’s highest strategic initiatives, and sharing CATIE’s defining principles and their impact on the world. On these pages you will meet our students, learn about the biodiversity housed on CATIE’s campus, get a better understanding of the conservation efforts that CATIE leads, and be invited to engage further through following, partnering, donating, and more. We truly hope you join us and become a Friend of CATIE today!

CATIE is Celebrating 50 Years of Impact

For over 50 years CATIE has been investing in the well-being of people and the planet through a combination of education, research, trainings, and hands-on development projects in topics related to agriculture, management, conservation, and sustainable use of natural resources. CATIE has a goal to achieve ‘Inclusive Green Development’ across Latin America and the Caribbean.

Celebrate with us!

50 For 50

On this hallmark 5oth anniversary join Friends of CATIE from around the world who support CATIE’s vision for a more sustainable and inclusive future in Latin America

50 Years Goal


Current Projects You Can Support

Miley Gonzalez Scholarship Fund

Indigenous youth throughout Latin America are applying to get advanced degrees at an ever growing rate. Unfortunately, 70% of the youth who are accepted to study at CATIE lack the funds to enroll. The Tropics Foundation, CATIE, and our donors are addressing this head on. 

Help Fund CATIE's Botanical Garden

Dr. Jorge León Arguedas Botanical Garden of CATIE is a site of scientific, conservation, educational, tourist and recreational interest. For more than 21 years, the Botanical Garden has offered an interactive experience for visitors to learn and immerse hemselves in the world of conservation.

Contribute to the Future of Food Security

It costs roughly $106,000.00/year to maintain CATIE’s seed collection; the primary cost being the necessity to store the seeds at a consistently low temperature. The Tropics Foundation is committed to supporting this strategic initiative and to save the future of seeds for generations to come.

Your Support in Numbers

Your contribution goes a long way! All donations given to Friends of CATIE are of critical importance for the successful implementation of sustainability projects across Latin America and the Caribbean. To date, there are more than 3000 alumnus around the world working on policy changes and community-led projects that are securing a future for generations to come. 

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More Than 100+ Friends Of CATIE Working For A Better Planet

We partner with multiple organizations to strengthen our impact and create mutually beneficial partnerships.  A few of the partners include the following

Ways to Get Involved

A better future made possible by you. Join a network of Friends advancing CATIE’s strategic efforts to achieve Inclusive Green Development in the American Tropics. Make a donation, partner with us, or contact us to learn more about our work

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Mabell Acosta

Reducing rural poverty

Many of CATIE's projects directly impact the livelihoods of farmers and farming communities in Latin America

Let’s work together towards a sustainable, green, and inclusive future

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