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CATIE’s work directly impacts the livelihood of thousand of communities across the globe. We work with experts and internationally known researchers to increase human-well being and address current global challenges with innovation and scalable solutions that last

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The Tropics Foundation and the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) have collaboratively designed Friends of CATIE, an engagement and fundraising platform that supports CATIE’s strategic plan and is dedicated to meeting the complex social and environmental challenges in the Latin American region today. The platform has three goals: building community and engagement, seeking critical philanthropic support for the Center’s highest strategic initiatives, and sharing CATIE’s defining principles and their impact on the world. On these pages you will meet our students, learn about the biodiversity housed on CATIE’s campus, get a better understanding of the conservation efforts that CATIE leads, and be invited to engage further through following, partnering, donating, and more. We truly hope you join us and become a Friend of CATIE today!

Our Foundations

Tropics Foundations

The Tropics Foundation stimulates and promotes inclusive sustainable development and conservation in the American Tropics


Fundatrópicos is Tropics Foundation’s Costa Rica arm that helps support higher education, research and community outreach

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CATIE’s Work

Our research and development lines of work are articulated with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and focus on the following topics:

Agroforestry and Genetic Improvement of Coffee and Cacao

Environment for

Agrobiodiversity and Food Security

Climate Action


Forests & biodeiversity
in productive

Watersheds, water
security and soils

Inclusion and gender

Livestock and
environmental management

Sustainable economy,
environment and

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Board of Directors

Tom Miller
Michael Stimpert
Laura Scandurra
Allen Terhaar
Ted Grover
Rick Peyser
Muhammad Ibrahim
David Cottrell
Greg Ousley

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