CATIE ranks as the third best university nationwide

Recently, AD ScientificIndex published its Ranking 2023 of Costa Rican Universities, in which CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) occupies the third position.

CATIE has been an international university of great prestige for more than 75 years, committed to training leaders for change in areas related to agriculture, natural resources, environmental economics, sustainable livestock, agro-forestry, watersheds and climate change, thus promoting Inclusive Green Development.

“The fact that a relatively small university, compared to other universities based in Costa Rica, that offers master’s and doctoral degrees is at the top of the ranking is a recognition that encourages us to continue improving every day,” said Roberto Quiroz, CATIE’s Director of Education.

CATIE’s academic offerings include strategic courses, diploma courses, specializations, academic master’s degrees, professional master’s degrees and international doctorates in different thematic fields, with students and graduates coming from more than 40 countries from different continents, mainly from the Americas.

A particularity of CATIE as a university is that its faculty is composed of scientists from more than 25 countries from different regions of the world; who also stand out in the CATIE Scientist Rankings 2023, conducted by AD ScientificIndex.

In this ranking, Muhammad Ibrahim, director general of CATIE, occupies the first position, while in the top 10 are researchers such as Fernando Casanoves, Eduardo Somarriba, Bryan Finegan, Roberto Quiroz, Wilberth Phillips, Sergio Vílchez and Francisco Jiménez, among others.

For more than seven years, CATIE has had its International Doctoral Program in Sciences in Agriculture and Natural Resources and its four academic master’s degrees accredited by the National Higher Education Accreditation System (SINAES, its Spanish acronym), guaranteeing internationally accepted quality standards.

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