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The CATIE scholarship fund specifically helps students who would not otherwise have an opportunity to obtain an advanced degree. This opens doors of possibility for each individual to become a transformative leader. CATIE graduates use their degrees and experiences in applied research to advance sustainable development regionally and globally.

The Impact of a CATIE's Education

Community Impact

92% of graduates go on to make changes in their communities

Equitable Opportunity

Over 50% of CATIE graduates are female

Economic Mobility

73% of graduates report higher earnings after their degree and 25% of those report an increase of over 100%.

Current Campaign: The Miley González Scholarship Fund for Indigenous Peoples

Dr. I. Miley González (1946-2020) spent nearly five decades of his distinguished career serving rural students and communities, in the United States and globally. Miley was born at Ysleta del Sur Pueblo in Texas, a Native American tribal entity and served as Deputy Director at CATIE for many years. This scholarship fund was established in 2020 in his memory

Dick Rortvedt, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (retired)

Support Equity of Access

"Donating to this scholarship in memory of Miley Gonzalez, one of the most generous, forward-thinking people I have ever known, helps his positive legacy live on."

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Meet Some of The Partners

We are incredibly grateful to CATIE’s partners and donors for being Friends of Education, enabling us to give life-changing higher education opportunities to students throughout the Latin American region.

Meet the Donors

Anonymous Donor"Wonderful mentor and inspirational leader"

Miley was a wonderful mentor and inspirational leader, he is missed

Margaret Smith"Delighted to support this opportunity "

I used to work at CATIE and I am delighted to support this opportunity

Dick Rortvedt"A top priority"

Supporting students was always a top priority for Miley

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