Can You Imagine a Future Without Chocolate?

We can save chocolate, cacao farmers and our chocolate eating habits, forever.

The Future of Cacao

For many years, CATIE has worked to improve cacao production and sustainability through research on genetics, disease prevention, and post-harvest techniques. CATIE’s work on cacao research is important for future generations as it ensures the availability of this valuable crop for years to come.

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Our future depends on the health of our planet’s ecosystems. Supporting initiatives like CATIE’s Cacao Collection is an important step towards sustainability. Join us in contributing to the conservation and preservation of cacao diversity and the livelihoods of small farmers. Together, we can make a difference.

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Financial donations are vital to ensure our collection can be maintained. elp maintain and expand the collection, preserving this valuable resource for generations to come.

How We Do it

International Cacao Collection

Innovation through Research

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