Could You Imagine A Future Without Coffee?

We can save coffee, coffee farmers and our coffee drinking habits, forever.

Ensuring the Future of Coffee

For the past 71 years CATIE has been the custodian of the world’s only internationally recognized collection of coffee diversity that is open to the public. CATIE staff have painstakingly safeguarded this unique diversity in the form of coffee trees in the field sharing it with breeders, farmers and other users all over the world.

How We Do it

International Coffee Collection

CATIE is home to nearly 2,000 accessions made up of principally commercial coffee species and is the only global collection open to the public.

Innovation through Research

CATIE has over 71 years of research and innovation to protect the diversity of the species.

The Community Impact

CATIE provides training for technicians and producer families throughout Latin America and the Caribbean resulting in reduced food insecurity for farming families.

Following the Journey of Coffee

Journey with us as we explore the work of CATIE, a pioneer in sustainable coffee production. Since 1949, CATIE has curated an impressive International Coffee Collection, spanning 12 hectares (29 acres) and housing the world’s most diverse C. Arabica collection. This precious treasure is more than just coffee – it is the key to a sustainable future for farmers, communities, and coffee lovers worldwide.

Support the future of sustainable coffee

CATIE Safeguards the Largest PUBLIC Collection of Coffee in the World

CATIE maintains the largest collection of coffee in the world that is of public domain. Adapting foods for the feature requires research and constant experimentation. To help drive effective change and support the livelihood of millions of families that depend on coffee

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Help drive effective change and support the livelihood of millions of families that depend on coffee.

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