Preserving Genetic Diversity: CATIE's Orthodox Seed Germplasm Bank

CATIE’s Orthodox Seed Germplasm Bank, founded in July 1976, emerged as a strategic response to address the increasing loss of genetic diversity in critical crops within the Mesoamerican region. The bank’s primary mission revolves around identifying, gathering, preserving, characterizing, and disseminating the germplasm (seeds) of plant varieties that hold special significance. These plants are essential for enhancing and securing the food sovereignty of the region. Moreover, the bank contributes valuable scientific insights aimed at optimizing the conservation of species crucial to the realm of food and agriculture.

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our generous contribution plays a crucial role in sustaining the vital work of CATIE’s Seed Bank. As stewards of genetic resources critical to food security and biodiversity preservation, CATIE has long financed the management of this invaluable resource. However, as the cost of maintaining the seed bank continues to rise, your support becomes increasingly essential. The current operational cost stands at approximately US$ 106,000 annually. While CATIE charges beneficiaries a nominal fee of US $13 per sample distributed, this modest fee covers only a fraction of the overall expenses associated with operating and safeguarding the genetic diversity within the seed bank. Your contribution directly supports the ongoing preservation of these precious genetic resources for future generations and the advancement of sustainable agriculture.

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