CATIE’s work directly impacts the livelihoods of thousand of communities across Latin America and the Caribbean. CATIE empowers experts and internationally known researchers to increase human-well being and address current global challenges with innovation and scalable solutions that drive lasting change at the community, national, and regional level

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What is CATIE?

CATIE (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) is an academic center for innovation and sustainable development in topics related to agriculture, management, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. Our area of influence by mandate is the Latin American and Caribbean region. Our operations and contributions to the region and the world have a history of just over 75 years, initially as the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and since 1973, as CATIE 

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You could be part of CATIE’s work by supporting its mission to stimulate and promote inclusive sustainable development and conservation in the American Tropics. By joining CATIE’s efforts, you can contribute to research that addresses critical issues such as climate change, food security, and sustainable agriculture in the Latin American and Caribbean regions. With your support, CATIE can continue to empower communities to build resilient and sustainable futures for generations to come.

Innovation for A Better Future

CATIE is projected to the region and beyond through our representations in the member countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, our strategic alliances, and our actions via the scaling and development projects that we implement. Our value offer is based on the comprehensiveness of our interventions in the formation of human capital, generation of knowledge, and advocacy for the transformations that allow inclusive green development.

CATIE’s Pillars


CATIE’s research and development lines of work are articulated with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


CATIE has the oldest international Postagraduate Program in Agricalture and Natural Resources in Latin America with more than 3,000 graduates


CATIE’s work expands globally through strategic alliances and scalable development

CATIE’s Research Units

Our research and development lines of work are articulated with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and focus on the following topics:

Agroforestry and Genetic Improvement of Coffee and Cacao

Environment for

Agrobiodiversity and Food Security

Climate Action


Forests & biodeiversity in productive landscapes

Watersheds, water security and soils

Inclusion and gender

Livestock and environmental management

Sustainable economy, environment and agribusiness

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CATIE's Board of Directors

It is composed of 13 members who provide their services ad honorem and meet at least once a year. Each member is carefully selected and participates in a personal capacity. Among them are four permanent members: the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of Costa Rica or their representative, the Director General of IICA or their representative, a representative of the IABA, and a representative of the Superior Council. Additionally, there are four directors representing member countries of CATIE and five directors representing the international community.

Muhammad Ibrahim, CATIE’s General Director, implements its guidelines and serves as the ex officio secretary of the Board of Directors. He is supported in this role by the Deputy Director-General, Research for Development Directorates for Inclusive Green Development, Education, Outreach and Global Alliances, as well as Finance and Corporate Services.

Gale Garnett


James French

Vice-president for International Community

Roberto Camacho

Representative of Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Costa Rica

Lloyd Day

Representative of the Director General of IICA

Manuel Otero

Director General of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA)

Isidro Antonio Rivera

Representative of the Superior Council

Adrian Thomas

Representative of the Inter-American Board of Agriculture (IABA)

Ivonne García

Member Country

Vivian Polar

Member Country

Karla Posada

Representative of the Superior Council

Robert Bruce Montador

For International Community

Daniel Barthelemy

For International Community

Christoph Kohlmeyer

For International Community

Karla Posada

For International Community

Muhammad Ibrahim

Director General of CATIE, Secretary Ex-Officio

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