Our Botanical Garden - A Success Story on Conservation and Research

Dr. Jorge León Arguedas Botanical Garden of CATIE is a site of scientific, conservation, educational, tourist and recreational interest. For more than 21 years, the Botanical Garden has offered an interactive experience for visitors to learn and be immersed in the world of conservation. From the 1940’s to date, the education, introduction, conservation and distribution of germplasm have been objectives of the Botanical Garden of CATIE 

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The Future of Gardens

Education, conservation and distribution of germplasm internationally

Where your contribution goes

When donors contribute to CATIES botanical garden, their donations go toward supporting maintenance, conservation and education efforts, and critical infrastructure improvements. These contributions are critical to the success and longevity of the garden and help to ensure that visitors can continue to enjoy the beauty and educational opportunities it provides for years to come.

Sponsor the orchid gardens of the future

A future garden of orchids could be possible with your help

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Currently the garden upkeep is a labor intensive daily task,  your support will help bring more hands on deck to maintain this beautiful garden 

Support Educational Spaces

The garden is a playground for research and learning. Donations will help maintain this beautiful space for everyone to enjoy

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